It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This

While you can learn from just watching the videos, doing it yourself will help make the most impact! Before you get too far into the course, we recommend that you have a few items on hand:


First, you'll need some software—the Arduino IDE—to program your Arduino microcontrollers and follow along with our code examples. This will also connect to the Arduino to upload your code to the device so you can run it.


We highly recommend that you have an Arduino on hand to try the examples that we go through in the course. These items can be found easily from several stores, but we've curated a kit specifically made for this course. It's got everything we talk about, and more (these are all Bob's favorite components 👍🏼):

- OR -

How to watch this course

This course was created to be direct and to-the-point for a reason: reinforcement. Many of these concepts are difficult to retain with just one watch. We hope that you will take the time to return to lessons where you may have missed some details. It happens. Everyone learns at different speeds.

We recommend watching through the course once, taking notes if possible, and then rewatching key areas where you'd like to reinforce your knowledge or follow along with your own electronics kit.

However you choose to watch this corse, we truly hope that you enjoy the process and that you feel confident and empowered to take on electronics projects afterwards!

🤖 Let's get started!